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Initial meeting - the first meeting we conduct, whether it be in person or by telephone will be free of charge without obligation

Price - we charge in quarter hour increments at a pre-specified hourly rate. Where appropriate we will agree a fixed project cost with an agreed outcome or number of hours committed

Terms of reference - a terms of reference document will be provided once the necessary information has been acquired about your organisation's marketing need. The terms of reference will detail project objectives, methodology, quantifiable outcomes, project cost and payment terms. Work can commence once the terms of reference have been agreed with and the document has been signed. If the terms of reference change, we will discuss alterations and revise the project cost where necessary

Billing and payment terms - specific payment and billing conditions will be stipulated on your terms of reference document. Generally the client is required to settle the invoice within 14 days of its receipt. The invoice will be sent out shortly after the quantifiable outcomes. (Clients must refer to their terms of reference for final instruction on billing and payment terms)

Ownership and intellectual property - once full payment has been received the client owns the projects quantifiable outcomes, unless otherwise stipulated

Privacy policy – we understand that client information provided can be of a sensitive nature and confidential; we therefore treat information in this manner and ensure total confidentiality

Marketing news – general marketing news stories are sourced externally and no rights are owned by MK Associates. MK Associates do not necessarily agree with the opinion of the author or endorse their advice. Copyright and intellectual property terms are as stated by the external source

Links to third party sites – if a third party site is accessed via our links page, please understand we take no responsibility for the content nor the privacy policy adopted by the third party

Feedback, comments and questions – we appreciate any comments and opinions you have regarding our site, company or services. Please go to the contact us page for contact details and we will respond to your comments as deemed appropriate

Complaints and disputes – MK Associates seek maximum client satisfaction at all times. However, if the service provided is not deemed completely satisfactory we will do our utmost to resolve the issue. Please contact us using the details in the contact us page

Governing law – these terms and conditions are governed by English law