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Top 10 Rules for Small Business Success

According to there are 10 key factors that will maximize the chances of your business succeeding. They include:

1. Identify your Target Market

Do not attempt to be all things to all people. Identify your target market, learn the market and deliver the product that they want.

2. Be Different

If you’re competitors are doing it, don’t. Differentiate your product in order to make stand out from an overcrowded, highly competitive market place.

3. Build a Skilled Team

Don’t hire an employee to fill a position. Employ a person and make them part of the team that will build your business.

4. Be Fast

Time is a precious commodity. If delivery is expected Friday, turn up Thursday afternoon.

5. Say Thank You

A lot. Ensure your customers and employees know how much you appreciate them. They are the two most important elements in your business.

6. Be Consistent

Make sure your business has a consistent look and feel in terms of your business cards, corporate literature, packaging etc. A customer must receive a consistent message from everyone in the firm.

7. Smile and be positive

Throw out the reasons you think people buy from you like price or product quality. They buy because they like you.

8. Fanatical Optimism

Consider the glass as always half full. A positive attitude will win out in the end and rub off on those around you.

9. Sell Soft

Don’t ever resort to the hard sell. Solve your customers’ problems and satisfy their needs.

10. Leave your Comfort Zone

Never believe that the way you’ve always done it must be the best way. Consider new ideas and technology with an open mind and don’t be afraid to implement change.